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Originally Posted by netienne View Post
Ive got a 2016 CLS550 and its time for service B. I schedule a service appointment with the dealership near me (Pembroke Pines, Florida) and ask for an estimate of what it would cost. Service Advisor tells me aprox $1300. Nope, i dont think so :smash:

Has anyone else done service B, and if so where are you located and about how much did it cost?

Anyways, I just now purchased via Amazon...

--oil filter (oem part 276 180 00 09 - based on the part that was listed on my service A from dealership)

--mityvac 7201

--mobile-1 5w-40 formula M motor oil (approved for MB 229.5)

--engine air filter (oem part 278 094 00 04)

--cabin filter (compatible with oem part 2128300318)

as soon as it all arrives, it looks like i'll be doing most of service B myself. i'll update this thread to let you all know how it went.

does anyone know if oil filter part 276 180 00 09 is indeed a fleece filter?

can anyone recommend the correct oil filter wrench to use for CLS550?

service B includes "Clean water cowling to ensure proper drainage"; any advice on doing this?

any advice on DIY maintenance is more than welcomed (oil change, replace engine air filters, replace cabin air filter, etc).
Hi mate. I like this thread though I have a CLS 350. I would still be interested how you get on. I don't know what the service is and what it entails. Hopefully more than an oil change lol. I've just had oil and filter change, coolant change, 6 new glow plugs, fluid levels checked, small service, turbo induction seal renewed and it came in at £420.
The mityvac system you have looks the business. I wonder if I could change my oil using one of those, I assume down the oil level tube, instead of jacking up etc.
Interesting. I hope you get some answers.

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