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Re: What is a Standing Light??

Originally Posted by jimbo230

I parked my new C230 in the work parking lot the other morning , turned off the headlights and noticed that the passenger side (only) parking light
was on. I realised that I had spun the headlight switch too far to the Standing light position. I read about this in the manual. Does anyone know what standing lights are for?? Are these those little blue lights that they have on German market cars? Can someone help me out here??

They're what you and I refer to as parking lights, but here in the US, they would both be on. With this switch you will leave on only the lights on the side of the car that is closer to traffic, which most of the time is driver's side. I don't know if they do this to save battery power, or if it's just tradition, I just know that's what I've read about it.

Tim 8)
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