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snap clink crunch

well the first sea-test was pretty sucessfull, discovered a few leaks and solved a couple other problems.. but that test never really got much above idle, anyhow today (sunday) it went back into the water for a range of other tests and everything was flawless until I had her wide open and was just starting to come up onto plane and the stbd side motor broke the timing chain...crunch... game over for now.. but the nice thing about having two engines is the other one will get you home.. and it did just perfectly..

I think I have everything dialed in now.. just need to pop that motor out and drop in the spare engine, and rebuild the now broken one.. the now broken engine was donated from a 123 car that was hit pretty hard in the front, hard enough that the radiator support came back and hit the very top of the valve cover knocking a small hole in it, I carefully examined the chain and cam sprocket and ran a dial indicator on the cam sprocket to chack for a bent sprocket and everything looked fine, but I guess the crash imapct damaged it somewhere that I could not see. I probably ran the engine for about 4-5 hours before the chain broke but I had not put that much stress on the engine before. I will be putting the spare engine in and see what happens next..

dont have any performance numbers for you guys yet.. that was going to be the first attempt at top speed, she sure sounded good though.. pushing those throttles forward and the sound of a pair 617.951's turning up and the turbos spooling .. I think she will do pretty good when I get her back together

so .. everyone.. lesson here? go check your timing chain stretch and replace if nessesary, you do not want to hear the sound I heard today.. its not plesant ..

more updates (and photos) later..


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