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2004 E 55 AMG - Advice?

Thinking of picking this up... it has 77K miles on it, says it still has an extended warranty on it...

my commute to work round trip is about 12-13 miles... I maybe drive 5K miles a year... probably less.

My justification is I could take care of this car and keep it at least 5 years, and still probably be under 100K.

Of course repairs scare me on this type of vehicle but I know that is a risk I take.

My real question is what should I factor for general maintenance... say over 5yrs... probably will need tires once, brakes? etc...

Don't want to get into a "money pit"....

they're asking 23K for it... I would think there is some room in that price but haven't gotten to that point yet.

Also, how do they hold value? if I pay say 22K now... and want to sell in a few years am I going to drop 50%? 75%? or where it's already a high mileage used will it hold value well?

THANK YOU for any advice!
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