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99 E430 stalls at start up

Hi everyone I believe this is my first post but I have been reading this forum for quit a long time. My wife totaled her E320 two months agoe and we just purchased this E430. The reason we stayed with the Mercedes is my wife would have been hurt really bad if it was any other car. She didn't even get a scatch. That is the good news. The bad news is I always buy my used cars from private owners until this one and it will be the last one I buy from a used car dealer.

So far replaced front drivers side bent tie rod, front wheel bearing, new tires, shaft flex joints front and rear, front end alignment, transmission mount for a little over $2000.00.

Check engine light came on hooked up the OBDII and found Codes PO370 and 373. Replaced MAF sensor 175.00 Did it myself. Cleared codes and has been fine since. Got me thinking so I changed the oil and filter good thing filter looks like it was never changed Mobil1 o-40. Did it myself

Wife told me last week that when she starts the car when its cold it starts and shuts off right away sometimes two or three times. I did some researce and it looked like it was my crank position sensor so I ordered a VEMO from autohauz and installed it. Seemed to be OK for a couple days but it did it again yesterday. I hate changing parts that really don't need replacing but I really don't want my wife to get stuck somewhere. The car only has 79000 miles and thats why I bought it. Bad dicission on my part. So does anyone have any Ideas.

Forgot to mension new fuel filter. I do here humming noise under car suspect fuel pump.
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