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Originally Posted by Donnell Luckie Jr. View Post
Car has no start, can jump from SAM. Once started car is limp mode. I'm using a scanner called Icarsoft mbII for diagnostic. I had a general code of P1747, but the scanning of the EGS gives me a DTC of 008. I have changed the conductor plate, connector, checked for trans leaks, cleaned the EGS and connector on both ends. I did a live data stream and found that the Y3/6s1 starter lockout contact is closed, which is located on the conductor plate. I've checked all relays and fuses pertaining to starting, still no start. I've also noticed that my gears are not showing on the dash, when I jump it from the SAM. I've even tried resetting the EGS but the code comes right back.

Is there a starter lockout relay? Should I trying resetting with a different diagnostic machine or is it something else more serious? All comments and opinions are appreciated. Thanks!!
It would help if we knew what model and year you are referring to!! Also in your user profile to give us your location as we are a Worldwide forum?

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