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Originally Posted by Donnell Luckie Jr. View Post
Got diagnostic done today, I got a bunch of B codes-this is crazy. B1010, B1016, P912, P1747 , B1072 and B111a. All reset and car still won't start and continues to be in limp mode. A few of those state low or under voltage but the battery readings are fine. I honestly feel like pushing in the ocean at this point!!
Did you re-scan after the codes were cleared and the car was in LHM? Some of the codes may have been 'historic', if the car was re-scanned it would only show 'current' fault codes.

B1010 for example is linked to the SRS system
B1016 EIS: error: "no enable from electronic selector lever module".
It's most likely that your EIS isn't getting a security code signal from the shifter.
Whether that's a loose wire, corrosion, a broken EIS, or a broken GSM is up to the mechanic or you checking the connections. GSM = Gear Select Module
It's part of the security system that confirms the key codes to start the car.

This link gives more info on the P1747 code
TRANSMISSION PROBLEM 722.6 P1747 - Mercedes-Benz Forum

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