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Originally Posted by teddyd49 View Post
After twenty years of flawless operation, my clutch has begun to go out of whack....having problems engaging the gears, grinding gears, left without clutch operation on the streets. Two weeks ago, bled out fluid to clutch to insure no air was hindering operation. This worked until several days ago when the same problems cropped up again. I am at a loss as to what is causing this problem. Will try to bleed out clutch fluid once again...have ordered replacement clutch cylinder/slave cylinders to swap out current parts in car. There is NO sign of a leak in the system that I can see....fluid tank remains leakage seen under the car onto the pavement.

NOTE: Replaced both front brake caliphers/shoes/hoses six weeks ago...drained/refilled fluid to these parts. Also, replaced one of two rear caliphers/shoes/hoses leaving one original brake set up that appears to be still working well.

You're heading in the right direction by changing the clutch master and slave cylinders. They won't leak fluid onto the pavement but fluid will pass a worn or damaged hydraulic seal and end up back in the reservoir.
Get back to us when you have changed the cylinders if the problem still persists.

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