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Originally Posted by A330PYLT View Post
LMAO I wish it were that simple Eric then I would just radio maint and have them come out to the gate and deal with it or MEL the the thing.

I bought this car as a fixer upper to sell but as I began to really put her together I fell more and more in love with it. Extremely clean inside 15k miles. Needed a hood, front bumper cover, cooling parts, and A HEADLIGHT which after all done I found that the one headlight was not working properly. LED light changed all the ballast still no luck. I have no way to really bench test it nor do I know how to even open up these assemblies so I just bought another one and it should arrive tomorrow. I put the other up for sale for parts on ebay. Watch some one buys it that knows WTF they are doing with this German stuff and says it works just fine. I have a multi meter and access to a Snap on Verus. I learned that this cars a plagued with issues of things not going to sleep thus killing the batts.

Ermmm you are not reading what I said, I have been fixing benz for the last 23 years here in china. Snap on is OK with American cars and others but a piece of junk on German cars. You have to use the correct test equipment for this job. The low voltage codes need to be cleared or the fault will be ongoing.

You see the test equipment is not telling you what the problems are. These cars are high on electronics and the computers store codes that will not let you fix the problem until the fault codes are cleared.

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