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$Mercedes4Life 11-01-2017 02:03 AM

CLK320 Hi Speed Braking in turns
HELP! My CLK320 brakes at Freeway speeds when I enter long sweeping turns above 60 mph. When driving on the highway, entering a right only sweeping turn the yellow triangle on the dash speedometer in center with exclamation point starts to flash, then the car begins to slow down. When I push on the accelerator, nothing. At 80-90 mph it will slow down to 60 - 70 mph until back in the straight away again, then it continues to perform in the amazing traditional Mercedes expected performance. It does not do it when going left, only right. I have researched that there are three possible components that are causing it. The ESP YAW Turn Rate Sensor P/N: 0265005230, the ABS YAW Turn Rate Accelerator Sensor P/N: 0005426518, or the Brake Light Switch. I really hate to do the process of elimination in replacing all three if someone has had this problem before and can tell me which one it most likely is, or if it might be a completely different problem all together. I also have a ML320, SLK320, and C320, but none of them have had this problem yet. Thanks everyone for your input, it will be appreciated!

RedLiner 11-01-2017 02:26 AM

More information needed!
To help us help you can you please complete your user profile giving the year/s and model/s of your car/s, also a location, just a country or state is sufficient.
At the top of the page there is a bar with Home Forums etc. on this bar is User CP go there and put in this important information.

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