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Peete Frampton 06-04-2019 02:52 PM

Belt replacement 1997 NA e300 Diesel
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I recently purchased this car from a friend who owned and maintained it for several years. I wanted an extra kid car and he had a good experience with this car. The other night I was putting air into a tire via a small cig lighter powered compressor when I heard a sound that I can’t quite describe but the car sounded different and was squeaking, I assumed some sort of belt issue. I should mention the alternator and serpentine belt were replaced last fall but the car sat since. It’s a reputable garage but who knows, it’s an old car that wasn’t used daily. I check the belt and see a fair amount of play. Like a complete idiot I “tucked” the belt under a machined piece that comes out of the block right next to the fan pulley. It got rid of the slack I was seeing and the squeak. My son got home today and I could smell the belt. I investigated and realized that’s not where that belt goes. I’m struggling to get tension off the belt now so I can get it released and reevaluate. It appears that maybe a shock that goes by the tension adjustment may be missing. Any advice?

Noodles 06-05-2019 11:46 AM

These mat be of some help. The blet prodecure is the same for the turbo and NA engine. In the videos you will see how tension is released and also that little damper you mentioned.

Peete Frampton 06-06-2019 12:55 PM

Would you agree it looks like the tensioner spring closest to the center of the engine is completely missing? Guessing that was the problem, maybe after the alternator belt was changed the guy neglected to put that piece back on. That would explain a loose belt prior to me shoving under a piece of metal!

Noodles 06-06-2019 03:32 PM

Yep that spring is not connected. Hopefully it is still in the holder. If not they are still available.

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