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Frank Martinez 01-07-2020 04:28 PM

Fan clutch torque
I have a 1997 S320, W140 with 104 Engine. What is the torque in Nm to attach the fan clutch to the pulley? Thanks

chevota 01-09-2020 08:11 PM

Not sure anyone does torque those. The only bolts I torque on a vehicle are the head, rods and mains, everything else I do by feel. I'm sure there's an oem value but I guess I'd be surprised it anyone had it. A fan and its clutch is a very low stress area so for things like that I give them maybe half the actual torque because there's simply no need to give it more. I've never had one come loose and have never seen one come loose, regardless of car mfg.
You could look up the generic torque for a bolt that size but unless you know the grade bolt it is then it's just a guess. You could assume it's a grade 5, or metric equivalent, which would be it's minimum strength. If you really wanted you could also use loctite, but I only use loctite in exceptional cases because I hate having to fight it later on, but up to you.

Frank Martinez 01-10-2020 12:39 PM


nrkmann 01-16-2020 06:55 PM

Are you using the service, shop or tech manual? The tech data passengers cars manual (a small book about the size of a 4X6 index card) has more information about torques for the various parts of the MB. I have had to find them at eBay or

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