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Current Driver 05-15-2014 03:27 PM

The NEW Towing Class from Mercedes
Dear Members;

I had a previous M class vehicle that my wife and I recently drove for a 20 day trip...The vehicle was impeccable in and out...

In this very same trip, this ML got a tremendous vibration and needed to be towed from South Dakota to Billings in Montana...The rubber bearing from the driveshaft was the problem and the MB dealership fixed it in 2 days...

Then, close to Chicago one of the keys was not recognized and would not turn on the vehicle, very fortunately we had the extra remote with us...

On the way back and while driving from Minneapolis to Fargo, the headlights dimmed until they went off...The dashboard warning lights all came on for a second, flashed 2-3 times and then the vehicle died at 70 MPH...

Scary yes, but a bright moon and no traffic allowed me to safely park it outside of the HWY. It was again towed to Fargo, ND at 2:00 AM and the MB dealership changed the alternator, the battery and something else and we were on the road the day after.

We then drove to Bozeman, Montana and while filling the tank with gas, the ML would not start with any of the 3 keys we had on board. Again, we were towed to the closest MB dealer, back 200 miles to Billings, MT.

I had it with this unreliable ML and at this dealership I bought a brand new 2014 ML-350 fully loaded...Very nice looking and a very nice ride vehicle...

This new ML has about 2,400 miles on it, half of it was driving it home from where I bought it and it is starting to show its heritage:
It didn't recognize the ignition key and would not start with one key but it recognized the extra key...This has happened twice in 2 weeks.

Then while parking in parallel it suddenly died and would not start with any of the keys...It was TOWED 125 miles to the MB dealership in Missoula, MT where it stayed for a week...The computer needed to be replaced.
In order to pick up the vehicle I needed to drive 105 miles each way at my time and expense.

Before these incidents of the ignition keys and computer, the vehicle's insulation was attacked and destroyed by squirrels (Please read the insulation thread) and MB is regretfully WEASELING OUT and not acknowledging the problem...Yes, very regretfully Mercedes is going cheap and excluding their defective insulation's material from the warranty...A $450 piece of insulation seems to be too much for MB in order to do things right and to keep a customer happy.

Time to reassess my loyalty to MB?....Definitely !

Regards to all members and I wish you better luck with your Mercedes TOWING Class.

Current Driver

eric242340 05-16-2014 01:01 AM

Crikey you are really having a bad time with this car.

martinbrown664 04-19-2019 06:32 AM

We are using Mercedes g300 vehicles for towing and Roadside Assistance Services in new york, most people go with GMC truck and ford truck but Mercedes trucks are also good for towing and cheaper than those trucks. and the performance is great and long-lasting.

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