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_dirty_ 06-08-2016 06:18 PM

1966 250SE Stalling Issue
Hey Guys,

I recently purchased a 1966 250SE with the M129 engine.

A buddy of mine is a mechanic and has been helping me bring the girl back to it's original state mechanically.

So far we have replaced:

Spark plugs with NKG plugs
Spark plug wires
Distro cap and rotor
Fuel filter
Intake filter

Performed an oil change

When the car is cold it runs and idles like a champ, however once the car warms up it sputters and stalls out.

I took the car for a drive and after about 10-15mins of driving I lost all power from the engine, she stalled and didn't want to turn over.

Any ideas what could be causing the problem?
Areas to look into next and possibly replace/clean?

Any tips would be appreciated



eric242340 06-10-2016 09:53 AM

Check battery and alternator.

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