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Why do u like/ dont like the C-class?

yeh, i reli want to know why, im checking wt the mainstream ppl think abt this, FEEDBACK wt be nice!
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It's too expensive to keep on the road. Have too many electrical problems. Just a oil change will cost u $130, 9 qts of synthetic and a filter, had the battert go out in 4 yrs of normal use. Had vibration problems wich the factory rep couldn resolve. Found a factory authorized garage whih is doing my service work, which had to change the crank shaft pully on my 2002. This caused engine vibration, found out mcb had a recall of pior years but has said nothing about it to current owners, have spent over 2000 dollars this year on repairs, now looking for a lexus and going to dump my c240
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I lease a 2005 C230 Kompressor Sport. I have had no major problems with it so far. I did have the dealer check out the suspension to determine why the car was pulling to the right so much. Took it in twice for that problem and it still never quite got corrected. I think it may be the tires themselves and the weight of the car. Other than that I absolutely love the car. I average 27 mpg and that's mostly city driving. The back seat is a bit tight but, the seats do have enough travel that you can move them forward to accomodate adults in the back.

The service costs are astronomical (A Service = $200; B Service = $625!). And, since I lease, I am afraid to take the car to another shop to have routine maintenance performed. I guess they figure if you can afford to lease or purchase their cars, you can afford to pay out the nose to have them serviced.
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well, in my country most ppl dont like C class... they say its not as reliable as S or E class.

and i also heard that C class (1996-2000) were more reliable than C class (2001-2006) are... what u think about this?
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I like the fit and finish of the car, but find the seats to be firm to the point of uncomfortable; as if they cheaped out to hit a price point. Also, I feel as though the dealers treat C-class owners as second class citizens.
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I purchased a 2005 C230 Kompressor sport sedan in September of 2004. When I hit about 7800 miles on the car, I had a fuel injector problem: under a hard acceleration, one of my injectors misfired or something but it left some scorching.... There was a field fix in place for that issue so I got all new injectors and stiffer valve springs (if memory serves). I now have 39,000 miles on it and have had 0 issues since.

Yes, the A service is about $200 and the B service just under $400 but you only have to have those services every 13,000 miles, so it's not really too bad. I usually have my oil changed once inbetween services and that does cost about $98, due largely to the synthetic oil.

All that said, I still love this car. I feel good driving it. It is the most 'point-and-shoot' handling car I've ever owned. I get 32+ mpg on the interstate and it pulls like a V-6 under acceleration. I really think MB is getting the quality control issues fixed on the newer cars.
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"BlackOps" nailed it

The earlier C class models are more reliable. I have noticed this not only by reading this forum, but speaking with other MB owners and technicians. By buying an older model year with good service history, continuing good service makes you a winner in the long run, the car will just keep running.
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i own a 97 c280 .. i got mine imported from germany and its great
with almost 200.00 km it runs like a beast !!!

i hope all the rest are emjoying ur benz just as much as i am
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Best I have owned

My 2004 C230 K sedan is by far the Best Car I have owned. I used to trade about every year but since I purchased my C230K in March of 2004 I am now going on 3 years and love this vehicle. I am still receiving the free service that came with the 2004 models and have had ZERO problems with my car. The only complaint I have is the tires wear out to quickly especially the Michelin sports that came on the car. I now have a Firestone brand sport tire on the car and they drive as good as the original tires and are not wearing like the Michelin's did. I highly recommend this vehicle if you want a fantastic running car with great looks and great gas mileage. I get 27 MPG on each fill up and 31-33 on the highway. Great Car for a Great price!
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