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E350wagondriver 03-21-2019 01:26 PM

I have a beautiful 2015 E350 wagon with all 'comfort' options.
Still not quite as comfortable as my many previous Cadillacs. After getting progressively worse dealer interaction and less satisfactory vehicles, I took a leap of faith and got this MB.
The large(ish) 6 cylinder engine and no turbos seemed like a recipe for longevity. After 2+years with it I am still all smiles. Wish I had done this years ago!
Free services are now ended and the agent's special price (for one A and one B service) is about $1400! Seems excessive, even for MB.
Anyone have success with non-MB servicing? Thanks
(Pictures to come)

Noodles 03-23-2019 05:47 AM

That all depends on the quality of the independent shop doing the work.

Where are you located?

E350wagondriver 03-24-2019 10:06 AM

Noodles - Exactly, that's what I was wanting to know! - What is the quality of independent shops experienced.
I'm in north Denver, CO.

Noodles 03-25-2019 10:44 AM

Here is a list of shops from our sister site of review from the Denver area.

martinbrown664 04-19-2019 06:35 AM

thanks noodles for the link

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