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RVator 07-15-2019 08:45 AM

2016 E-350 garage door opener
Hi all,
Brand new to the group and my first Benz. Just bought a 2016 E350. So far itís been a great experience.
I am struggling with linking the garage door opener on the mirror to my doors. I followed the introductions in the manual with no progress.
The odd part is that I was able to get one door connected but not the second. I then erased all codes in the car and now I canít get any of them to link. Anyone have any ideas on how to link them?
Before I erased the codes, I noticed that when I bushed the left button, the little green light would flash fast and the door would close. Now they wonít flash at all. I get a solid green light, then orange, then red.

Noodles 07-15-2019 10:59 AM

We had the same problem when I had new doors and openers installed.

Ultimately I had to call MBUSA for helped and they walked me through it over the phone.

RVator 07-15-2019 01:42 PM

Thanks Noodles
Do you recall the steps you took to get them to connect?

Noodles 07-16-2019 10:23 AM

I wish I did. I would have posted them.

It happened at least 5 years ago and I can't even remember what I had for dinner last night.

konradsc 12-05-2019 10:48 AM

Hi! :D

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