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dorschman 12-19-2019 05:56 PM

FS 2000 SL500 Carrboro, NC 46k miles $15,500
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The hand of God has only ever truly touched two things- Diego Maradona and this car. Blessed by the spirits of Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz themselves this example of Mercedes finest truly has led a noble existence. Sheltered by the aura of the pointed star the paint has never been exposed to rain, sun, bird poo, or the grimy hands of the masses. This aura (and the wind screen) provide such protection from the elements that top down motoring will not disturb a single piece of your flowing Fabio mane. The depth of the paint is so deep you could swim in it as you would the finest ambrosia. The interior has been wrapped in the finest velvet from day one (of creation). The leather is as like the cows still roamed the fields of Elysium. The wheels are so perfect that mortals cannot but weep when their gaze falls upon them. The angels carry this chariot when in motion thus sparing the tires from worldly harm. To paraphrase Cake the xenon headlights truly shine like justice. The Bose stereo sounds so good that even Sammy Hagar could drive 55 were this the speed to truly achieve nirvana. This masterpiece crafted by the angels of German engineering can all be yours for mere mortal US dollars (payable via wire transfer or cash only).

Should you actually need a clearer vision of automotive heaven despite that I have already given you I am happy to answer any question I can. Be well on your path to greatness. Remember truly- in the end we are judged by our automobiles and nothing else.

dorschman 01-04-2020 01:28 PM

bump for a new year

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