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mandoman 02-24-2018 03:36 PM

'95 SL320 - VERY dim dash lights
My digital odometer, trip and outside temp digits only light up slightly...almost can't tell they are even on.
The analog speedometer, tach and clock lights work fine and adjust with the adjustment knob but the knob has no effect on the digital lights.
Hoping someone has run into this and knows where I should start looking...already ckd fuses..none were blown.

RedLiner 02-25-2018 07:11 PM

It can be just the bulbs or the cluster connections, both of which mean removing the cluster from the dash*
Also the digital outside temperature display is lit by a LED that has to be unsoldered if replacement is necessary.

* Two special hooks are needed for this removal procedure, and great care is needed so as not to crack the glass.

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