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  1. For Sale, Trade & Wanted
    This is a 89 190E 2.6 Gas motor selling as a part car. motor is good but has some bugs it been running but would stall when it warm up now it lost spark body is rust free no dent need paint and some trim work power window need work good tires has geat dash good steats will need batt car was...
  2. DIY/Tech Help
    Have a 1992 190E, 2.6 auto, 230,000 Trans went, shifting going into gear problems,foamy oil, etc. Got one a used one put it in & worked for 150 mi then stopped. Just acts like it is in neutral all the time. Car no Move. Checked linkage, fluid, all good. Figured I got a bad trans. Got a...
1-2 of 2 Results