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  1. 1992 Mercedes Benz 400S $2900 or best offer

    For Sale, Trade & Wanted
    All Service Records Included No Body or Engine work needed Original Paint and Interior A/C Works 175k miles Power Options include: Power memory seats with Dual Memory and Power Headrests Front and Rear Power Steering Wheel Adjust Power Windows Power Mirrors Power Door Locks Power Moonroof...
  2. 190e Trans acts like it's in neutral

    DIY/Tech Help
    Have a 1992 190E, 2.6 auto, 230,000 Trans went, shifting going into gear problems,foamy oil, etc. Got one a used one put it in & worked for 150 mi then stopped. Just acts like it is in neutral all the time. Car no Move. Checked linkage, fluid, all good. Figured I got a bad trans. Got a...