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  1. E55 AMG for sale with 17.500 km - EUROPE/HUNGARY

    For Sale, Trade & Wanted E55 AMG for sale lot of hi-res images and price
  2. Hi folks, new to the forum w/ 300D Questions

    Diesel Discussion
    Hello, I just purchased a 1980 300D that was being sold as a "parts car" because of the rust. Looking at it I realized the rust wasn't that bad and I can repair it later in the spring. It starts right up and runs smooth (I don't sense any fouled injectors or anything). The guy I bought it off...
  3. 97' c230 cranks, no start

    DIY/Tech Help
    The car had been cranking a few seconds before starting, for about a week before it stopped running. I discovered one of the cells in the battery was bad. Therefore, It was only putting out 10.5v. I installed a new battey, and still no help. All fuses look good. It cranks good. I suspect the...