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  1. For Sale, Trade & Wanted
    19" Boyd Coddington Wheels - $950 I sold my 2000 E320 Wagon so I have no use for these wheels anymore. Here are the details: 1. Brand: Boyd Coddington 2. Size: 19 x 10 (Rear) 19 x 8 (Front) 3. Tires: 275/30R19 (Rear) and 245/35R19 (Front) 4. Comes with rear hub and bolts (with locks) 5. Valve...
  2. General Mercedes-Benz
    I have a 1999 E320 Mercedes and I am having problems getting them to make the repairs due sludge. Mercedes settled a suit for sludge in Mercedes Benz in cars built from1998 - 2001. I want to know if anyone had problems getting the repairs done and the process that they went through to resolve...
1-2 of 2 Results