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  1. SUV: M/G/GL/GLK Class
    My 09 ML350 is giving me intermittent starting problems combined with radiator fan running at high speed when key is turned on to second position. The dealer diagnosed as needing a new ECM for a mere $2,000! Can anyone recommend a reliable ECM programmer/rebuilder who can unlock and reprogram a...
  2. CLK/CLS/CL Class
    Hi, I am just wondering if anybody can offer any advice, I have a CLK 240 2003 year model. I have plenty of fuel pressure and the vehicle is cranking very well however I have no spark at all, can anybody give me a starting point please
  3. DIY/Tech Help
    The car had been cranking a few seconds before starting, for about a week before it stopped running. I discovered one of the cells in the battery was bad. Therefore, It was only putting out 10.5v. I installed a new battey, and still no help. All fuses look good. It cranks good. I suspect the...
1-3 of 3 Results