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  1. Multiple "Unrelated" Issues Happening All at Once! - W221 2007 S550 4matic (~89,500 miles)

    S class
    Red battery, engine, ABS, and ESP lights and warnings going off, power steering issues, window buttons not working, some shaking, and weak acceleration and little to no reverse ability (sometimes!). Even the AC started to not work some days this week, but was working today during all this. Plus...
  2. 1997 E320 Question

    General Mercedes-Benz
    I'm looking to buy a 1997 E320. It has 174,000 miles on it and it costs $3,700. I don't know if I should buy the car or not because it seems like it has a lot of miles. When I took it on the test drive there was a moment where I put the car in reverse, backed up and put it in drive. When I...
  3. Noob needs some help.

    Diesel Discussion
    I've searched this site many times and It is really great. It seems some of these cars have problem that can been fixed easily if all the variables are known so I figured I would just put everything out there and see if anyone can help me. I was a front end, suspension, and brake technician for...
  4. Transmission leak and not shifting smoothly

    DIY/Tech Help
    I just got me a 2001 E320 this past weekend. I notice on my drive way, the trans fluid is leaking. I checked for the dip stick like my older benz, but this does not have a dip stick. How do I check for the fluid level and how can I add fluid to the tranny. Are this trans monitored by a...
  5. 190e Trans acts like it's in neutral

    DIY/Tech Help
    Have a 1992 190E, 2.6 auto, 230,000 Trans went, shifting going into gear problems,foamy oil, etc. Got one a used one put it in & worked for 150 mi then stopped. Just acts like it is in neutral all the time. Car no Move. Checked linkage, fluid, all good. Figured I got a bad trans. Got a...