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  1. E Class
    New to me,,, 78K one owner, showroom condition. But, EGR error light is on... and idles rough when until fully warmed up Changed EGR valve. Same issue. Where to look next? Thanks in advance for any clues! Cliff
  2. E Class
    Here a useful link to wiring diagrams Sister site w124 wiring diagrams And a link to the Web ETM W124 wiring diagram large, combined PDF file: Sister Site W124 Wiring Diagram PDF And a useful site with other W124 materials Model 124 Maintenance Manual Index
  3. Diesel Discussion
    hey there picked up an 87 300TD wagon. love it, running it on WVO. my driver's seat is jacked and needs to be replaced. having been a 240 guy in the past, i love the simplicity of the 123s with as little power gadgetry as possible. since i have to replace this seat anyway, i would like to...
  4. For Sale, Trade & Wanted
    Looks and runs great! Excellent condition inside and out, especially for its age. Very clean. Low mileage: Only 100k original miles on this 2.5 L 5-cylinder OM602 diesel engine that is notorious for lasting in excess of 500k or one million miles! One of the most reliable engines ever produced in...
1-4 of 4 Results