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07 CLK 550
Black Int
Sport suspension package
28,671 current miles. My wife will be driving it for the next week until we take delivery of our new car.
Excellent condition.
39 month lease that ends 1/16/2010 through MBF
Located in Bradenton Fl (Tampa Bay area).

This car has been my wife's daily driver. Garage kept. A few very small stone chips on the front. I could not even get them to show up in the pictures. The interior is perfect aside from a slight mar on the edge of the drivers seat from getting in and out of the car. All maintenance is current and the next service is not due until 39,000 miles which is as the end of the lease. Tires have been replaced recently and have plenty of tread.

I'm sure if your looking for a car on this forum you probably already know about these cars. It is a true sleeper. It is fast. 382 HP. My wife is getting 21 mpg on our drive to work that is city driving. I get 27 mpg on the highway. This is the first car I actually get far better mileage then what it's rated for.
Here is the situation with the car. My wife and I are car people. We usually end up getting a new car every 2 years or so. I found a great deal on a new car so we went ahead and bought it. The least expensive way to "trade" in the Merc was to pay off the lease. The financing for the new car includes this amount. Since I am buying the new car out of state and flying in to drive it home, they are just cutting me a check back for the lease payoff. Before I just pay it off and turn in the car to MBF, I am going to offer it for assumption. Since I have already figured in paying the lease off, I can offer a very attractive deal for someone to assume the lease.

I am offering it at $450/month. I will pay the assumption fee and whatever amount needed to get the 10 remaining payments to $450. You pay the turn in fee of $595 at the end of the lease.


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