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I am Selling a 10" JL Subwoofer.
It is in a box, connected with an Alpine 5 Channel 200 Watt Amp.
On top of this, is a 400x2 California Amp.

The Sub and 5 Channel, came with the 5 Channel Amp, and the California came with 2 new subs I purchased. Due to a miscommunication at tweeter (where all subs were professionally installed,) the blue california is now powering the 10 and not the 2 new subs.

If you connected 2 channels from the alpine to speakers in the back of your car and 1 to the sub, and used the California to power your front speakers, you would have a hell of a bass boost.

The JL Sub and Amp was $200 New, and the California Amp is a bonus. I do not know what it costs. I do know it adds a ton of added boost, turned only half way up. However, it is not too loud.

I am asking for only $140. I do not wish to make a profit, simply enough to purchase my new amp.

Any questions please feel free to email.

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