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14, MB, CLS550, RWD
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So before i ask my question, please don't tell me to take it to the dealer or a shop. I have worked on every car I've ever had and that includes 4 MB's. I like knowing what I have and how it operates. It's valuable knowledge in my opinion. Car is 2014 CLS550, M278, NOT a 4matic.

So i have a leak in my return line and an obvious leak at the water pump. It's not a lot at a time but from the buildup, it's been going on. So i bought the emanualonline shop version and have it activated but they say the one i have is the only one they have that covers my model and funny thing, it won't recognize my vin! So.. I need a good write up, a video on changing the water pump or maybe someone knows where to get a repair manual for my actual model. This is my favorite of all my cars so I take my time and make no guesses when working on it.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thx!
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