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I have a 1968 250S. I am looking for parts for it, such as the
interior wood trim, exterior lights, etc. I would appreciate any info
someone could provide me.

This is a fascinating car that we are in the process
of "restoring"/"enhancing".

I would also love to hear from anyone who has had any dealings
in "modifications" to this particular year/style. We completely
changed out the driveline (the original motor was unsalvageable), and
changed it over to a high performance 229 chevy v6, with a 350 turbo
tranny with shift kit, and a 1976 corvette (independent suspension)
rear end. Honestly, although I hated losing the "originality" of the
car, I feel the conversion was the best thing we ever did for it. It
is a much more reliable, fun driving, and mechanically sound vehicle
than it ever was before the overhaul. It's honestly a hoot.... and
the looks we get when we pop the hood! WHEW! What a riot! Needless to
say though, it has been an "interesting" change-over. Again, I'd love
to hear from anyone who has had any dealings with such a conversion,
or anyone who might be in the process of such a conversion, or even
considering it. Would love to share tricks, tips, and stories.

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