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I acquired a 280SE with the intention of fixing what needed to be fixed and reselling it. The problem is that I do not have the time and the project is really quite in depth in terms of time commitment required.

Chasis 108
I6 2.8 Li
Auto transmission
Power Assisted Steering
Power windows
Vinyl Seats
Color = "milkshake" brown
Vintage = 1970

The rocker panels are rusted bilaterally. They would need to be replaced.
The upper body (above the rocker panels) is virtually rust free.
The frame seems to retain its integrity
The tires are good.
The windshield and ignition switch were destroyed in a carjacking attempt.
Paint is in good condition, a few minor dents on the body.
Due to the problem with the ignition the engine can not be tested.
But it appears to be clean and in good shape.
The dash was partially disassembled in an attempt to examine the ignition problem.

The air conditioner was recently replaced and should work. I will sell the air conditioner with a money back warranty if it does not work up on installation.

I will sell any combination of parts or the whole vehical to anyone who offers $900 or more. There person who offers the most gets first picks.

send reply to [email protected]
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