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UPDATE 12/30/2020: could this be an air temp sensor? Not an O2 sensor?

Hello All,

I was having issues with the battery not holding a charge and some odd performance issues. Long story short, it seems the culprit was the voltage regulator (which I replaced today) and all seems good (so far). This leads me to a few questions about the O2 sensor for a 1974 450 SL.

When I was moving the air intake to access parts, the brittle wires connected to the O2 sensor broke free from the connector. After doing some research on what the O2 sensor actually does, I think it may be worthwhile replacing it as it seems a simple and inexpensive DIY fix, and may address some performance issues I've been experiencing.

Before I do, I wanted to see if anyone has replaced an O2 sensor and it relieved driving issues ... and if so what issues did it address? Also would be interested in any general comments on O2 sensors and 1974 450 SL model.

I've included some pics of the sensor for reference.

Thanks in advance for taking a look at this post and any feedback you share.

Stay safe out there.
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