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1975 240D, w115, 4-spd automatic, blue/blue

It is in very good physical condition, Arizona car, not any rust to speak of. 117,00 miles, 3rd owner, but serviced by the same shop in Tucson for past 20 years. Current owner/seller is an employee of that shop.

Interior is very good, except for:
typical dash cracking
stitching on back of drivers seat (easy fix, father in law is an upholsterer;)) headliner sags a little, but is intact and good condition

Exterior is in good condition:
recently repainted (not very well) in last two years
One broken headlight lens (glass or plastic, not sure but I would guess glass)

Other than the things I mentioned, the car appears to be in excellent condition. I am having a pre-purchase inspection this week. If it checks out mechanically, would you think that the asking price of $3500 is fair?

It's between this car, or a 1978 300D, w123, automatic. $3000. Original owner! Odometer stopped at 215,000 about 4 years ago. Good condition, except cracked dash, torn headliner, etc.

I don't care too much about the low power of the 240D... we'll just learn to drive differently. We are good with that. Our priorities are dependability, fuel efficiency, and maintenance costs. We happen to like the w115 styling better, but don't want to make a decision based on that alone.

Advice and opinions welcome!
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