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my little baby Samantha (my 1977 280E) will not starter had been screeching at me for a while now on and off and i had not had that fixed yet. today driving my car everything seemed as it usually does, it had not screeched at me at all then i went out in the country and when i turned off my car it sat for about two hours....went back to it and turned the key and nothing happened...all of my accesories light up and it was clear my battery was not dead cause we tried jumping it

there was no sound when i turned the key either, no clicking...nothing just like my starter or ignition were not there. what should i try first? i love my car but mechanically am pretty much clueless. maybe a solenoid problem? any help would be great cause i need this car to get me around and my winter car just got junked last week. by the way i have 123,000 miles on it incase anyone wants to know.

anyone please help


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