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1978 240D (Red)
4 sp manual

Rear view window seal needs to be replaced (some water damage from the leak, all dried out now)
Needs one new rear tire (drivable, just balding on sides)
Bleed clutch/brake fluid
odometer doesn't work (about 160k)
minor rust spots
Needs new battery (Mine from my '76 is in there right now)
Paint good except on roof/trunk (fading/pealing)

The engine runs real smooth, mechanically in excellent condition, just some trim/body problems (listed above). I aquired this car from a family friend with plans to fix it but I don't have the time or funds to do so, so I would like to sell it to someone that would take care of it, which is why I'm posting here first. I found out that the title is a salvage but was informed that it hasn't been in an accident (I'll find out why it's salvaged and post it up)

So inorder for you to drive it home, you'll need a new battery

I can tell you in more detail, just send me a message. I'll also post up some pictures of the car.

Asking $500 (OBO) Pick up in San Jose, CA

Must sell in next two weeks, so make an offer.


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nice car

tried to convince my wife i could buy it, and then give her my 1980 300D as the "newer" car, and I'd drive this one; but alas she thinks a new car means a 2005

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