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Hello Mercedes Fans -

I have a 1982 500SL that I've owned for just over 20 years. This is a gray-law car and was imported to the US around 1988.

The car is not running currently. The last time I drove it was 5 years ago when I took it out for an afternoon drive. When I returned home the car began leaking fluid (power steering or brake, not sure which). Unfortunately, I do not have the $$ these days to repair the car properly.

I would like to put the word out about this car in hopes that a person who really loves Mercedes will be interested in buying it and fixing it up. I'm more interested in finding it a good home as opposed to the money from the sale.

If anyone has suggestions where I might affectively advertise I'd love to hear them. I will be happy to post pics of the car if there is interest on this board.

Many thanks,
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