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Very clean and good running old Mercedes. This has been my project car and daily driver for a couple years now and unfortunately i now have to pass it on to someone else to care for due to some bills that have come up recently.

I have done more to this car than i can remember at this very moment but heres a small list of big things that have been completed:

-Completely rebuilt injectors. Each cylinder now runs at exactly 1950psi.
-New injector return hoses
-new main and subsidiary fuel filters
-rebuilt power steering pump with brand new front and rear seals, fluid, and filter.
-new belts as of a couple months ago
-Partially rebuilt cooling system with new hoses and clamps.
-new boost lines and cleaned banjo connectors.
-new brakes last month
-new tires last month
-new rotors last month
-ive ran a very strong injection pump cleaner through the fuel system on multiple occasions. (With some left over)
- brand new/upgraded 120amp alternator as of last week with brand new wires.(this is DOUBLE the power of the original alternator, in preperation of a new sound system).
- rebuilt air cleaner brackets.
- new motor mounts.
-New rear axle with new rubber boots. (Could use a diff fluid change).
-new tie rods.
-new battery.
-oil change done not too long ago with new oil housing seals put in.
-new transmission seal as of previous owner.
- new trans mount
-sanded and painted battery tray
-new AC compressor
-new AC condensor.
-lots of other things as well, including some things that the previous owner did.

This car is nowhere near perfect, but it runs great and doesnt overheat even on the hottest of days. I just drove this to LA and back this weekend so i know its reliable (constant 85MPH both ways). The interior needs some TLC. The carpet was pulled up in prep for a new sound system and new carpet, but i never had time to finish it. The AC system works, however there is an electrical component that is preventing it from turning the compressor on. Should be cheap and easy to fix at a shop or diy.

I also have lots of leftover parts in the trunk as well for future repairs and upgrades. Its mostly front suspension parts, but theres some oil filters and other such items to spare as well. All included. Just the parts and labor put on this car are worth a few grand by itself. And no, this car is not a money pit, i did all of this because i wanted to restore the car.

Let me know if your interested, feel free to shoot an offer my way. Ill consider any and all reasonable prices.


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