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I have a 1993 300 TE Station Wagon that I fell in love with, BUT it will not keep running even after 4K has been put into it in the last few months. It has ran only a few days even marginally well.

I bought it at an auction March 10th for a little over 2k.

I must sell this vehicle today or tomorrow. I need to get enough money out of it to pay my mortgage.

If anyone has an interest in this vehicle please email me.

It is black exterior, beige interior. It is in fair condition. I just had a new water pump put in along with a new battery and front routers and brakes. It definitely needs shocks in the rear and possibly a manifold gasket. It may need the water pump redone. I took it to Autoban in Ocala, but he did not do a great job.

I need ideas even if you don't know anyone who wants to buy it. I have lost my job over this car and need to sell it. I need to sell this car this weekend. Ha!

If you don't know anyone, at least pray for me.
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