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1997 Mercedes-Benz C230 cranks over once or twice but won't start just stops

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Can anyone tell me how to reprogram the key fob I have a single button key fob I pushed the button the red and green lights on the mirror light up I turn the key and it turns over once maybe twice fires up and then dies can anyone tell me how to reprogram this key fob I've checked every relay ,fuse replaced cps ,battery ,it is showing no codes
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Do you have an owner's manual? It would contain any re-sync steps that apply.
Here is a 1999 C280 Owner's Manual - it may help.


I have a 1997 c230 with a single button key fob.thank youg
I have a 1997 c230 with a single button key fob.thank youg
The fobs are different
Do you have an Owner's Manual for your year?
Is your fob IR?
Look at this thread over at our sister forum. It shows a resync process for the 97.

Do you have a 97 Mercedes C230 owners manual or is there a place where I can get it for free
Google search isn't coming up with much for free.
eBay - 1997 c230 owners manual for sale | eBay for nominal cost
I also suggest registering at our sister forum and asking the folks in the W202 section:

W202 C-Class | Mercedes-Benz Forum (
Are you sure it's the key? When was the last time the spark plugs / coils were replaced? For a 1997 Mercedes the plastic seals might have worn down allowing oil to get into the spark plug shaft. I'd be interested to know if there is oil in there.
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