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Well, things are going south fast.. <grin>..

My quest for nav CDs for the abovemention vehicle w/ pedestal-mounted Seimens OEM nav system is going quite poorly; nothing on Ebay for that model, and the dealer says they can't get'em either. Phadreus suggested i call Mercedes support, which I'll try tomorrow. Thanks.

HOWEVER.. I just took delivery of the car yesterday, and the CD changer doesn't work. It's the Bose system. (Don't get me started; I'm an audio professional and can't STAND Bose products, but hey, I liked the truck) I didn't thing to bring CDs to the test drive, so I noticed this flaw after the fact. The CDs load, but return a "disc error 1" most of the time for each and every disc as they attempt to load. OCCASIONALLY a disc will play, but usually for only a few seconds to a minute until it quits. I removed the changer, opened it, cleaned it, lubricated the gears, and cleaned the laser, but it didn't change anything.

Sooo.. any hints HERE? The nav cds won't do me any good until I fix the changer situation anyway.

Thanks... Looking forward to any help anyone can offer.

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