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I have a 2000 c230K W202 with a constant SRS light. Scanned it via the 38-PIN port and only get "22, current, Please refer to vehicle service manual". From the Google research I have done "22" seems to indicate a left side air bag sensor. I found a used on on ebay and tried it out. That did not solve the problem and actually created two more (a "23" and a "1B"). I removed the used part and put the original back. That got me back to just "22" DTC. I then swapped the drivers side with the passengers side. Still have the "22" code. I am thinking maybe the sensor is not the problem. The is the first vehicle I have had that does not scan for the more current "P0xxx" OBDII codes so I am stumped by exactly what "22" really means beyond the questionable document I found on line.

I purchased the car summer of 2021 with the light on. No obvious accidents.

FYI - when I attempt to clear the code (Foxwell NT530) the SRS light does go out for about two seconds then comes back on right way. Any ideas?

Thank you
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