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hey guys i have two benzos for sale
both are owned by my personal mechanic
both come e tested and cert
The first one is a 97 300 diesel , it is silver with black interior
the interior and exterior are absoloutly emmaculate
ablsoloutly no rust and has been well maintained
has boughten two new rear tires $ 500
has spent over $2000 in the last month on the suspension
new shocks, springs, bushings , tire rod ends etc etc all oem from mercedes with reciepts to proove
brand new headlights from mercedes this month oem as well
never any accidents 340 000 km
$21 900

The second car is a 1992 300 turbo diesel mercedes benz
car has abosloutly no rust and again the interior is immaculate
the body has around 250 000 km but the engine has only 35 000 km
the engine has been completely rebuilt and has all oem parts from mercedes with bills to proove
over $5000 in parts with bills to proove including a brand new head
the car has all brand new tires with 35 000km
brand new brakes , shocks, springs , and some other miscellaneous suspension parts with only 35 000 km on them

both cars are a must see i wouldent bull$%&* on the condition of these vehicles just because when u see and it is not what as expected i wouldent get the sale
just pm me or call him at work
if interested i will email u pics of either car
his name is armindo
905 564 1527
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