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2000 c230 dead radio

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Long story short: was trying to clean the cd changer connector in the trunk when it basically disintegrated in my hands. Bad news! Now the radio won't even light up!!! checked the 2 radio fuses ( #3 and #10 in main fuse box = ok)

any ideas??????

nOrM :oops:
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Take it to the dealer for warranty work. Don't tell them what you did.
Why would you even clean it...? Do we need to? :)
Ohhh my Service "B" is coming soon... my car is getting older :)
more bad news...

actually i'm out of warranty... 105000km (Canada heh)

and the reason i was cleaning it was to remove what i though was a green speck which ended up being a green blob!

105000 km -- that's a lot of driving are you on the highway everyday?
what kind of gas mileage have you averaged?
well,... i'll let you do the math...

my wife is in real estate, my kids are 20 22 the second car is a saturn

the only place that is a sure bet on where the car isn't - is the driveway!!

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