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2001 C240: Loads of problems am I alone here?

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I purchased a C240 in May of 2001. Upon delivery one of the 2 keys didn't function properly (wouldn't lock or unlock doors). This was replaced and has been replaced about 5 times since. This problem has been intermittent and hard to correct. We have yet to have 2 working keys. The ABS system had to be replaced. the car was taken in for a turn signal bulb and we were told that the entire headlight assembly needed to be replaced and now we are being told that the waterpump is leaking.

What experiences have others had with this model. The dealer has given us a loaner car most everytime it is in the shop and the warranty has covered all of the repairs. My concern is post warranty. At this point I am loosing confidence in this car. My wife drives it with our 2 year old in tow. We traded in a Cadillac Eldorado for this car to get away from reliability problems only to be plagued by more.

So what have your experiences been with your C240?

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smells like a lemon.. does it taste like a lemon?

Well, I've just replaced one of my smartkeys recently (it didnt start acting up until perhaps November, after nearly 2 yrs of use). seems some of the early smartkeys have problems.

other problems:
-shorted out rear glass defroster (fixd)
-exterior bulbs keep burning out
-central vent keeps fogging up the windshield (replaced... still a bit left)
-clicking driver's seat (fixed.. but now there's some "give" when going around corners.. bah i give up)
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