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2003 C230 Kompressor Sedan

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Greetings to all,

I attended the annual auto show in Phoenix January 5th and was so impressed with the new C230 Kompressor sedan that I had to drive one the next day--and was that a TREAT!

Sadly, the MBUSA.COM website has nothing on the sedan version--just the coupe. I've done a little searching for reviews, photos, opinions or other info on the car and can't seem to find anything on-line. I would love to read some professional reviews and owner opinions, so if anyone knows where I can find anything like that on the sedan, I'd love to know. 8)


(Wishing he could get out of the last 10 months of his truck lease :cry: )
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Welcome to the board. The MBUSA site is supposed to have the information on the C230k sedan up on the 16th. The car was somewhat of a surprise. We were expecting the C320 SportsCoupe for almost a year, but there were no rumors of the C230 or the C320 SportsSedans until a Canadian dealer found them in the StarNet computer about a month ago.
Thanks Lynn. I'm glad to hear that there will be more information on the MBUSA website soon. It should be fun to configure the perfect C320K sedan (for me). I look forward to seeing reviews from the trade publications in the near future (hopefully).

C230 Kompressor Sports Sedan

Went to a dealer (in NJ) Saturday. They had just got in a Brilliant Silver C230 Sports Sedan which they had in the back. I spotted it, looked at it - manual, sunroof package (C2), heated seats, CD-player. It had 28 miles on it, they had not even brought it out for evaluation yet (it was given to them to be a demo) I was the first person to demo it...
...and the last. I bought it. Life is good.
I will let you know how it goes!
Congratulations on the purchase. Enjoy those heated seats.
Anxiously awaiting to take delivery of our black 230 sedan. 1st in KC!!! 8) Will post review soon!
Interesting tid bit:

I went to my dealer on Wednesday and they had just received the 2003 Canadian C-Class catalogue including info on the full range.

The C230 K Sedan weighs LESS than the C230 K Coupe. (That is Coupe without the Panoramic roof).

i saw one on the road the other day...i think it was black or capri blue??
it's nice... has a front similar to the coupe and a sport badge with c7 wheels it

Now you will all have to forgive me as this is my 1st Benz. Picked it up friday night, and I have been driving it almost non-stop. I have to say I love it. We had looked at the 240 a few months ago, and decided to hold off, and I am glad we did. The manual transmission is smooth, and the car leaps in 2nd and third. It comes with performance tiires, and it has the sport suspension, so the ride is firm without the feel every bump factor that we had with BMW. It handles great, and so far, so good. Given the weather, I am going to get proper snow tires this week.
I have the regular sound package and have listened to Classical, pop, heavy metal, techno, classic rock. I am one of these have to have it music guys - harmon kardon home theatre, dolby 5.1 computer speakers, etc etc. The sound in this car is great. I am not sure what Bose speakers would really add to it. A better equalizer would help, as would the ability to shift between radio/CD/Cassette, or change CDs using the sterring wheel(maybe there is a way, and I just have not found it yet.)
If anyone has any questions, let me know. I don't know what to say except I am very very happy!!!
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The cd's cannot be controlled from the steering wheel buttons. Some audiophiles have replaced the speakers, often with MB-Quarts. Changing the headunit to the Becker Audio 10 is reported to cause a large improvement in sound quality, especially in bass.

The sport suspension really doesn't exist, unless MB has created one recently. Actual measurement of the sway bars by members of another forum show that MB is fibbing about thicker bars on the Sports Coupe. They are the same bars as on the 240 and 320. I doubt that the bars on the C230k or C320 Sports Sedans or the C320 Sports Coupe are different. The springs are also all the same. The Sports Coupe may have slightly stiffer shocks. If so, then the Sports Sedans probably do too.
just ordered mine

My second Benz (93 190 2.6- still have)
have owned 2 BMW's

black opal, ash, manual trans, c2, cd
should be in by April.

Like those 17'' wheels and z rated tires.
im from AZ too and i would go to the Chandler MB to find some info
i put 2 12" subs in the back of my 230k and it sounds real nice. there is no radle at just pure bass
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