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2003 C230 Kompressor vs C180 Kompressor

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If anyone is aware, I wish to know in what differs the 1.8L C230 sport coupe from the C180 that sells in Europe.

We have not heard good rumours about the C180. The only available C class sports coupe in Canada, is the C230.

Reliability is what I am most concerned about. Would it be safer to buy a pre-owned MB sedan for this budget, or is it safe to go for the C230 coupe. I am quite young and a sport coupe would fit me best. However, I feel they kept calling it a C230 in spite of the 1.8L supercharged, for fear it would not have sold, had they stopped it - once they started making a C230 coupe. Would the step back be obvious, had they changed the denomination? Otherwise, I see absolutelly no connection between this car in 2003 and the denomination "C230." ... The '03 1.8L C230 sedan comes more for symetry. The sedan kompressors which started in 99 had a little more torque, longer exhaust, the engine was not noisy - although they were 2.3L - and ... they worked just fine ...

Do these C coupes have a future or will they slip into oblivion in a couple of years - like the BM coupes which stopped in 99. The MB coupe is tremendous fun to drive, but these questions gave rise to some doubts in my mind. I know why they changed the engine, but still do not know why they keep calling it a C230 ... )

Any comments?
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The new M271 engine comes in four versions, and all are 1.8's. One is a direct injection engine, which is not sold in North America because of the sulphur content of our gas. There are three versions of the Konpressor engine, C180, C200 and C230. The only difference between these engines is their state of tune. They have different boost pressures, and software. The old names for the M111 engines were retained for the new engine of comparable hp to its predecessor. The old and new C200's both have about 160 hp, and both versions of the 230 have about 190.

I believe MB is more dedicated to the coupe than BMW was with theirs. One of BMW's problems was that too much was removed from the car. For example, they used a cheap and inferior suspenison as compared to the one used on the sedan. MB did not remove as much content from the coupe as BMW did.
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C180: 162 lb-ft

C230: 192 lb-ft

I believe the interiors are identical.
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