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As mentioned in the subject, I own a 2004 E320. The car "is supposed" to have, among the convenience features, what they call "Key Dependant Seats" and "Easy Access".

The key dependant seats are supposed to move the seat to a preset position for each of two different keys (according to the description); so if I opened the car with my key, it is supposed to change the seat to my preset, and if my wife uses her key, it should do the same for her. As you can imagine, it does not (that's the reason of this post).

I have taken the car twice to MBenz, and they say that it has been fixed, but it never works, even in front of them.

Please note that the car has "Keyless Go", but the key dependent seats won't work either putting the key in or turning on the car "keyless".

Also, the easy access moves the steering wheel, but not the seat (even if its on my wife's preset, and she drives "eating" the steering wheel). Even more, I get the radio static and shut off every week at least 2-3 times (they said to have done a software update, so we will see now).

Any input will be of great help. At this point it is my opnion that the MBenz techs don't know much of this features.
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