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2004, 500SL
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The OEM Command unit/radio does not have Bluetooth connectivity for my IPhone nor does it have USB inputs etc.. I have a JVC double din radio with all the features needed, I have purchased an aftermarket wiring harness adapter from Metra, part #70-9401. I also purchased a dash kit #95-8735B to fill the space left after removal of the command unit.

The Issue:
The adapter harness does not mate up with the OEM harness's that were connected to the Command unit, The connector provided on the Metra harness will accept only one of the 6 OEM connectors that were removed from the OEM Command unit.

When I connect in the new radio and turn on the ignition, Some signs of power are there but nothing works, no sound. I believe no speakers are connected.

My car has a Bose sound system, which I am learning has a amplifier and possible fiber optic connections.

Is there a way kit or wiring adapter that will utilize the systems already installed in the car?
Can I bypass the existing amp and systems without cutting into the OEM harness's, running new speaker wires etc,?

Metra was very little help when I requested assistance,

Thank You in Advance
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