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Took my 2005 C240 (W203) 4Matic Sedan w/49,000 miles to get a New York inspection. They connected the computer to get the emissions report and would not read. I took the car home and looked up what the drive cycles were that were required to get the readings but nothing would show up. Checked with my OBD2 and got the message "No Powertrain DTCs or Freeze Frame Data presently stored in the vehicles computer."
I have put 1,500 miles on since then and re-tried (completed several drive cycles) with the same turn out.
Did some testing on the OBD port on the car - no power to pin 7 (K-line), resistance on 4 - .5, resistance on 5 - 0.0, resistance on 7 -21.3. Does anyone know where power for K line comes from? I checked all the fuses and found no issues.
Vehicle VIN is WDBRF81J55F613276.
Using iCarsoft Multi-system Scanner i980. - No problem reading other systems only issue is with emissions. No codes related to CAN or BUS or any computer system. Only code I get is B1066 - Roof system is not normalized.
Purchased a used computer for the car but do not have anyone nearby that can program it for me.
I can not get the car inspected so I will not even be able to renew my registration.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Car runs perfect. No warning lights. Just need inspection.
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