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Hi all! My first time on a Mercedes forum now, feels, "different" lol... anyways, a long time BMW owner, and sadly I need to look for a new car. My old 1997 328i 5-speed still serves me outstandingly well but it is time.

I have been looking at the 2002-2006 3-series, but in that search popped up an interesting car... the 2006 C230 6-speed. I still only want a manual, I like the feel of the engine and gears, automatic just feels mushy and I dont feel in "control" lol... this C230 doesnt seem that powerful, 190hp/~7 sec 0-60 sound right? But I like the look (except for the tail lights, ummmm) and the interior is nice, and this one on sale for about $11k seems great, off eBay. It as like 65k miles and just looks pristine.

Now I know, eBay is not the best, but if I can get a great deal, esp off a dealer who will take my trade in, it will save me a lot of time and angst, and just deal with it. There was another one on sale on eBay as well for about the same stats but with more mileage.

I am here because I have never driven a Benz and I dont know anything about them, except from a few old reviews. Can anyone just give me the 411 on the value for this car (it seems just below KBB and Edmunds value if I get it under $12k), i.e., driving fun factor, handling, speed/acceleration, overall comfort/accessibility to controls, vision, durability of the parts and the small stuff (like the ones that BMW's always go bad!!!), etc... I know its a Mercedes but this is pretty much as low end as it gets right... I just think it seems like an awesome deal if i can get it for around $11k. Is that too much?

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